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Warm congratulations to Bota Heavy Industry Co. for passing the CE certification requirements for the Wind Turbine Tower welding production line user application site. Bota Heavy Industry Co. Power has the pole and transmission pole welding production line user application site and the Gui Zhou Wind Turbine Tower welding production line equipment delivery site.

We extend a warm welcome to our Canadian customers for a business visit at our factory. 

Our company follows the norm, and we strongly believe in efficiency, quality and honesty to adhere to the concept of continuous innovation and development, combined with business and market conditions, to continuously improve and use modern production enterprises with a 5S management as a basis, to progressively realize the team's solid construction and development.

In addition to our vigorous research and development of new products, our company forms smart equipment strategic partnerships with Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang Petrochemical Design Institute, No.4 China Science Institute, Luoyang Mining Group, China Shipyard No.725 Science Department and other scientific research units to achieve a one-stop enterprise with production, learning and research capabilities. This will guarantee product integrity and reliability.

Now Bota product series include a welding column and boom manipulator, welding rotator, welding positioner, longitudinal seam welding machine, surfacing welding machine, CNC flame / plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, and a welding robot. Our production lines include wind power, special vehicles, electricity power poles and steel structures. All of our product series can be tailored according to the user production request. 

Company products have been widely used in petrochemical, pipeline, pressure vessels, locomotives, steel structure, mining, electricity, heavy machinery, military, new energy and other industries.

Product performance, quality and service etc. have received praises from both local and international users.

A warms congratulation to Bota Heavy Industry Co. for the successful conclusion of the General Assembly on the first half of the annual sales summary! 

On July 1, 2016, Bota Heavy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. held a General Assembly regarding the sales summary of the first half of 2016, and it was a total success.

During the General Assembly, General Manager Mr. Huo Yongsheng shared a detailed analysis of the market economy and summed up the sales operations in the first half of 2016. He has also prepared a detailed work deployment for the rest of 2016.

Huo stressed that no matter how fierce the market competition was, Bota Heavy Industry Co.’s product quality and service must not be compromised, and it is only with strict product quality and high service standards that the company can flourish in the market.

We extend a warm welcome to our Canadian customers for a business visit at our factory .

Our company will attend "THE 19TH BEIJING ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING FAIR" event on June 16-19, 2015 at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, N4, N4260.

Bota will exhibit our latest welding column and boom manipulator series, welding rotator series, welding positioner series and our longitudinal seam welding machine series.

These devices are widely used in the field of metal structures and machinery. They can realize some portions of the molding process and provide a significant reduction in production costs and processing time, thus shortening the production cycle and improving efficiency.

During previous Beijing ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING FAIR exhibitions, our products, competing with domestic and foreign brands from the same industry, have been recognized and praised by industry experts and also received enthusiasm from customers. This resulted in several closed deals!

"BEIJING ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING FAIR" and "GERMAN ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING FAIR" are known as the world's two largest welding exhibitions. The audiences are mainly from industries such as machinery manufacturing, pressure vessels, automobile manufacturing, railway locomotives, oil pipelines, ships, aerospace and other industries. We look forward to meeting you at that time.


Bota from here


Achieved the title of Science and Technology Enterprises in Luoyang City;
Was rated as a company that values quality and has high credibility;
Achieved production for a series of products
Became the sole collaborator with the China Shipyard No.725 Science Department;
Completed the expansion of the plant work by the end of the year.


Achieved AAA membership for quality credit services in Henan Province;
Successfully registered the "Bota Heavy Industry Co." trademark;
Listed large quantities of automated welding and cutting machinery;
Exported large quantities of products;
Achieved qualified supplier status for mid-oil and petroleum;
Move-in of equipment into PetroChina, Sinopec, CIMC, CITIC and other enterprises;
Participated in the Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition in Beijing.


Achieved the title of state-level high-tech enterprise;
Successfully registered 36 new product patents;
Collaborated with Luoyang Mining Group, No.4 China Science Institute and Luoyang Petrochemical Design Institute;
Became the governing unit of China’s Welding Society;
Equipment involvement in national aerospace, military and other national key projects and national defense construction;
Established a studio for the training and promotion of automated welding personnel.


Achieved ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification;
Rated as an A-class credit tax key unit by high-tech district;
Exported Bota’s equipment to Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries;
Successfully registered 50 new product patents;
Listed and successfully promoted our intelligent Wind Turbine Tower welding production line;
Listed and successfully promoted our intelligent Special Purpose Vehicle Truck production line.


Awarded the responsibility for the installation of the first batch of intelligent equipment in Henan Province;
Received the first batch of robotic venture funds in Luoyang City;
Promoted a self-developed welding robot in the Petrochemical, Special Purpose Vehicle Truck industries;
Listed and successfully promoted Power Pole & Transmission Pole welding production line;
Fully upgraded Bota products to intelligent automation control;
Participated in Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition in Beijing.


Received the European Union’s CE certification;
Became the automatic welding experiment lab and training base for Henan University of Science and Technology;
Established our laser business department;
Started planning and construction procedures for a new plant.


Bota launched a new chapter



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Bota ESSEN Fair : https://youtu.be/MLctSwjLkEc


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