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2023-12-20 06:53:46

What is the storage tank welding procedure specification?

Creating a welding procedure specification (WPS) for welding storage tanks involves careful consideration of the materials involved, the welding processes to be used, and the specific requirements of the applicable welding codes and standards. Below is a general outline for creating a WPS for welding storage tanks. Please note that this is a basic guide, and it is essential to adhere to the specific requirements of the welding codes and standards applicable to your project.

Storage tank welding procedure specification

Storage Tank Welding Production Line

1. Title and Identification

Provide a title for the WPS that clearly identifies the welding procedure, the type of storage tank, and any specific details related to the application.

2. Scope

Define the scope of the welding procedure. Specify the materials to be welded, the welding processes to be used, and any specific conditions or limitations.

3. References

List all relevant codes, standards, and specifications that govern the welding of storage tanks. This may include international standards such as AWS D1.1, ASME Section IX, API 650, or other applicable codes.

4. Qualification Details

Specify the qualifications of the welding procedure, including the base materials, welding processes, joint configurations, and thickness ranges. Include details on the qualifications of the welding personnel, such as their experience and certifications.

5. Materials and Specifications

Detail the materials to be welded, including the type and grade of steel or other alloys. Specify the material specifications, dimensions, and any preheat or post-weld heat treatment requirements.

Storage Tank Welding Production Line

6. Joint Details

Describe the joint configurations, including the type of joints (e.g., butt joint, fillet weld), joint preparation (e.g., bevel angle, root opening), and any backing or welding consumables to be used.

7. Welding Processes

Specify the welding processes to be used, such as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Submerged Arc Welding (SAW), or others. Provide details on welding parameters, such as voltage, current, travel speed, and shielding gas.

8. Welding Positions

Identify the welding positions applicable to the storage tank construction. Common positions include flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead.

9. Welding Procedure Variables

Document the essential and non-essential variables that may affect the welding procedure. These variables can include parameters such as preheat temperature, interpass temperature, post-weld heat treatment, and others.

10. Welding Sequence

Provide a sequence of welding for each pass, including the order of passes, number of weld layers, and any specific instructions for multi-pass welding.

11. Inspection and Testing

Outline the inspection and testing requirements for the welded joints, including non-destructive testing (e.g., radiography, ultrasonic testing) and destructive testing (e.g., tensile testing, impact testing). Specify acceptance criteria.

Storage Tank Welding Production Line

12. Heat Treatment

If applicable, provide details on any preheat or post-weld heat treatment requirements.

13. Safety Precautions

Include any safety precautions or measures that need to be taken during the welding process.

14. Revision History

Maintain a revision history to track any changes or updates to the welding procedure.

15. Approval and Authorization

Specify the individuals or organizations responsible for approving and authorizing the welding procedure.

Remember that the above outline provides a general framework, and the specific details will depend on the codes and standards applicable to your project. Always consult with qualified welding engineers and adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure the safety and quality of the storage tank welding procedures. Additionally, consider involving relevant third-party inspection and certification authorities in the qualification and approval process.

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