Welding Positioner Series

*Can be customized according to user requirements

Welding positioner series include flip & turn welding positioner, front & back flipping welding positioner, welding turntable, hydraulic tilting welding positioner, 3 axis welding positioner, skyhook welding positioner, double column welding positioner, headstock and tailstock welding positioner, drop center positioners,adjustable height positioners, chain overturning welding positioner, can be combined with welding welding column boom manipulator, etc. to form an automatic welding machine,

It can also be used as a robot peripheral device to match with the robot to realize welding automation. At the same time, various special positioners can be designed and customized according to different types of workpieces and process requirements of users.


Improved Weld Quality

The controlled rotation allows for better access to the weld joint, resulting in more consistent and higher-quality welds.

Increased Productivity

Welding positioners reduce the need for manual repositioning of the workpiece, leading to faster welding and increased productivity.

Reduced Fatigue

Welding in a comfortable and ergonomic position reduces welder fatigue and enhances safety.


Welding positioners can be used for various workpiece sizes and shapes, making them versatile tools in welding applications.

Welding Positioner Working Principle
  • Workpiece Mounting: The workpiece to be welded is securely mounted on the welding positioner. The positioner may have various types of fixtures, clamps, or chucks to hold the workpiece in place during rotation.
  • Rotation Mechanism: The welding positioner is equipped with a motorized rotation mechanism that enables controlled and precise rotation of the workpiece. The rotation can be continuous or intermittent, depending on the specific welding requirements.
  • Tilt Mechanism (Optional): Some welding positioners may also have a tilt mechanism that allows the workpiece to be tilted to a desired angle. This tilt feature is particularly useful for achieving specific joint configurations in multi-pass welding or for positioning the workpiece at an optimal angle for certain welding processes.
  • Control Panel: Modern welding positioners are typically equipped with a control panel that allows the operator to adjust the rotation speed, direction, and tilt angle (if available). This control panel provides the welder with easy access to operate the positioner safely.


Workpiece Preparation

Before placing the workpiece on the welding positioner, it is prepared by cleaning, beveling (if required), and positioning it correctly on the fixtures or clamps.

Workpiece Mounting

The workpiece is securely mounted on the welding positioner using appropriate fixtures or clamps, ensuring that it is held firmly in place during rotation.

Rotation and Welding

The welding positioner is activated, and the workpiece starts rotating at a controlled speed. As the workpiece rotates, the welder performs the welding along the joint, benefiting from the improved access provided by the rotation.

Tilt (if available)

If the welding positioner has a tilt mechanism, the operator can adjust the angle of the workpiece to achieve the desired joint configuration or welding position.

Continuous Welding

The rotation continues throughout the welding process until the entire weld joint is completed. The welder can maintain a steady arc and achieve uniform bead deposition.

Post-Welding Operations

After welding, post-welding operations such as inspection, cleaning, and other finishing processes may be performed.

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

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