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2023-08-30 02:30:42

What are the features of welding column boom

Most people may not know much about the welding column boom. What kind of equipment is it? The welding welding column boom is the main equipment for auxiliary automatic welding. It is composed of columns, beams, rotating mechanisms, trolleys and other components. Many people don't know what are the characteristics of the welding column boom?

Features of welding column boom

welding column boom

1. The welding column boom uses a hydraulic transmission method, which combines a highly integrated valve block and a large flow path, so the pressure loss of the entire system will be greatly reduced.

2. The oil temperature is well controlled. The oil circuit of the welding manipulator is designed with ingenious ideas, which makes the whole hydraulic system present a good appearance. serve.

3. The welding column boom mainly uses sealing components imported from abroad, so its sealing performance is very high.

4. The three-stage linkage mechanism makes the jaws rise and fall in parallel, the tong bar tilts, rotates 360 degrees, and rotates freely and flexibly in three-dimensional space.

5. The motion system uses the combination of cycloidal gear motor and involute speed reducer when it thinks it is suitable, and successfully realizes the continuously variable speed driving of the cart and the turning of the platform; the special clamping mechanism is equipped with the pressure of the accumulator. Repayment makes the clamping strong and firm.

welding column boom

6. The power input of the whole machine saves energy by 70% compared with similar manipulators.

7. The shape of the manipulator is beautiful, the structure is compact and close, and the movement is very flexible. It can particularly well complete the actions that cannot be completed by a larger manipulator, so that the operator can experience the realization of the integration of man and machine.

8. Free use fully demonstrates the fundamental significance of the transformation from manipulators to manipulators.

The above is the relevant introduction about the features of the welding column boom, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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