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2023-10-09 06:48:25

What models are there for welding positioners?

Welding positioners are devices used in various welding applications to position the workpiece at the optimal angle and orientation for welding. They come in different types and configurations to accommodate different welding needs. 

Welding positioners models

Welding positioners

Horizontal Positioner

The workpiece is placed horizontally and can be rotated around a horizontal axis. This type is useful for welding cylindrical or round objects.

Vertical Positioner

The workpiece is placed vertically and can be rotated around a vertical axis. This type is suitable for welding seams or joints on vertical surfaces.

Head and Tailstock Positioner

This positioner consists of a headstock and a tailstock that supports the workpiece at both ends. It allows rotation around a horizontal axis and is often used for long and heavy workpieces.

Tilt Positioner

Tilt positioners can tilt the workpiece at an angle, allowing for welding at inclined or awkward positions. They can have horizontal or vertical rotation capabilities as well.

Turntable Positioner

A turntable positioner rotates the workpiece around a vertical axis. It is suitable for circular welding applications and is often used in conjunction with welding robots.

Welding positioners

Elevating Positioner

An elevating positioner can raise or lower the workpiece to the desired height. This feature is useful when the workpiece needs to be aligned with the welding torch at a specific elevation.

Automatic Positioner

Automatic positioners can be programmed to follow a specific welding path or sequence. They are often used in automated welding systems for precise and consistent welds.

Welding Positioner with Manipulator

This type of positioner combines rotation and manipulation capabilities. It can rotate the workpiece and also move it horizontally or vertically, offering a higher degree of flexibility in welding tasks.

Welding positioners

Pipe Welding Positioner

Specifically designed for welding pipes, these positioners can securely hold and rotate cylindrical workpieces, allowing for efficient welding of pipe joints.

Each type of welding positioner has its advantages and is suitable for specific welding applications. The choice of positioner depends on factors such as the type of workpiece, welding process, required precision, and automation level.
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